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ECOLIBOR is our Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Cornicabra variety. It presents a percentage of residues of 0.0, an acidity of 0.1º and a fruity flavor, with a dense body and intense aroma. The secret is in the care of the tree, free of herbicides pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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ECOLIBOR is the brand of our Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It leaves the market with really exceptional characteristics. It presents a percentage of residues of 0.0, an acidity of 0.1º and a fruity flavor, with a dense body and intense aroma. Our main secret is the care of trees, without the use of herbicides pesticides or chemical fertilizers, following the techniques of organic farming, rigorous selection and transport of olives and the use of the most modern extraction techniques.
It is a family business that started this project of ecological oil production in 1998 with the recovery of an abandoned olive grove, located in the family-owned Sierra de los Ibores (Cáceres). It was not until 2004 when the commercialization of our oil under the ECOLIBOR brand began. All these years have been necessary to achieve the parameters of quality previously mentioned and the official seal of ecological product.
It is now when we can ensure that organic farming is not only at odds with obtaining the highest quality oil but is also a prerequisite to guarantee its purity.
During these years Ecolibor has positioned itself in Japan and in several European countries, Germany, Poland and Holland.
The CAEX (Agroalimentary Council Extremadura), rigorously controls both the level of residues and the qualities of the oil it certifies.
In our eagerness to continue improving this year we have realized an early harvest mixture of cornicabra and camomile and a mono-varietal of cornicabra. Our efforts have been rewarded. Both oils have been awarded. The first manzanilla / cornicabra with Silver Medal in the Italian Biol Novello contest, first contest of the harvest 2015-2016. And the monovarietal of cornicabra with Gold Medal in ECOTRAMA 2016.
ECOLIBOR in its research process has worked on obtaining a 100% cornicabra item of early harvest. Our research has focused on achieving the highest possible level of polyphenols. And we have achieved it !!!

We have an analytical polyphenols of 2077 mg / kg (see analytical).

The olive has been collected in green, extracted the oil to the few hours of its harvest with the use of the most modern techniques of extraction. Our acidity is still 0.1 ° and no residue trace. This type of oil has an intense fruity aroma and a pungent flavor. Production with these characteristics is very limited.

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