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The color of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The other day a client asked me what if he had oil of that intense green to rage, and of course, colors we have as many different oils, then, what is the color of the oil, is a very dark green better than a clear straw? Well, no, it will depend on the olive, the time and how it is elaborated, whether it is filtered or not.
Olive Oil in branch or unfiltered: very rich and appreciated by good consumers of oil, especially if it is early harvest (October-first of November), these AOVES (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is an olive juice, natural, very intense and with all the freshness of something fresh, cloudy to keep all the ingredients, but only has a problem, really last very little and soon the grounds begin to spoil all the oil, from the month they begin to degrade .
The intense green color is due to the presence of organic materials (solids) and natural pigments. These materials in the presence of light and heat will cause the oil to deteriorate more quickly, so premium oils go in opaque containers and should not be exposed to heat for long, two of the oil\'s biggest enemies along with oxygen (which it produces oxidation).

The color of olive oil is not an indicator of its quality:
Carotenoids: responsible for the most golden color
Chlorophylls: responsible for the green color.

The green olive has a higher chlorophyll content and the mature one in carotenoids.
There are many ways to achieve a more intense green color, one is with artificial chlorophyll (something in disuse, we hope), add olive leaves in the milling, which will release chlorophyll and bitterness, then, is color synonymous with quality? Let\'s see that no.
The tastings are made in blue glasses to avoid that the color takes the vote towards one or another, now it is trying to patent these glasses in red, even more neutral
Another thing is the green oil obtained from green olives (much less production) that often lead to an explosion of smells, tastes (bitter and spicy), and nuances such as fresh grass, tomatoes, fennel ... which is what is coming to know as fruity and are the best extra virgin olive oils.

The best olive oil as we have seen is that obtained from green olives, that is, early harvest, it is more bitter, more spicy, more fruity, higher level of polyphenols, but for this you have to spend two or three times more than olives to obtain 1 liter than if they were ripe olives. They are Premium oils, and these are much more expensive than those found in any supermarket. That is why the price to pay for a premium oil is between 8 and 16 € per pint, do not rely on just one beautiful bottle, although nowadays and once we have a good product we must take care of its presentation.

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