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Sale of Baron , extra virgin artisans .

The Legend of Baron

Sale of Baron goes to the legend of Baron of Santaella
to name this unique extra virgin.

According to this, the Baron of Santaella was condemned by Enrique III to build the tower of Malmuerta as a punishment for the death of his wife in a jealous rage. Their descendants, dispossessed title, settled in the Sierra de Priego and there were dedicated for generations to the cultivation and milling olives saw, extracting from them an olive oil extra virgin sweet, slightly fruity and extraordinary quality the king himself, to prove it, decided to restore the title of "Baron" the innkeeper.

Priego de Córdoba

In the heart of Andalusia is the Designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba, has an area of ​​growing very small, just 30,000 hectares of olive trees, built partly in the Natural Park Subbetica. These special characteristics, together with a unique microclimate, allow the production of high quality oils, with, worthy of international recognition as in the case of sale of Baron exclusive.

The Control Board of the Designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba monitors the quality of all oils under its name and especially the extra virgin olive oil whose organoleptic characteristics have led this product to any property whose flag with the so-called Mediterranean diet.


In the Sierra de Priego collectors crews are ahead craftsmen hand while giving off a selection of the first green olives each campaign. Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties are falling into the mantle under the olive tree and get rid of leaves and branches before putting them in special boxes so that the weight of the olives not damage the fruit.

Collectors call "comb" and milked the olive tree. In our family we call wisdom and respect for a tradition that has nearly 3,000 years in history.

Preparation: Creation of "Oleum Ex Albis ulivis"

La Muela oil mill in Priego de Córdoba, is the end of the road for all collectors. The grinding is carried out cold, reducing the extraction time and selecting only flower oil, according to the strict rules of the Designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba. This milling occurs just hours after collection (less than 15h), to preserve all its aromas.

The result is a dense, light oil represents only 10% of what other systems can extract other. It is the first fruit juice virgin, the flower of all oils. resting fifteen days to decant, gravity, and become a true "Oleum ex Albis ulivis" (oil from green olives).

A perfect freshener

His tasting takes us into an intense fruity green olive with herbaceous notes, peppermint, almond shells, banana and apple. Reminiscent of vegetables such as tomatoes and artichoke.

The entrance is sweet, slightly bitter and spicy progression. The aftertaste is nutty.
Very complex, balanced and harmonious in all its attributes olfactory, gustatory.
Best freshener for breakfast (with rustic bread), snacks, salads and complex to give any dish a unique flavor.

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