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Ancient Salt

Navarra spring salt, 100% Natural, free of microplastics and nitrites, without added substances and rich in trace elements.

Ancient Salt

From Navarra, from the foothills of the Urbasa and Andía mountains, there is the source of the spring and the salt flats from which Sal Ancestral is extracted every year.

Its origin dates back to 220 million years ago, at an altitude of 700 meters in the Pyrenees area and a 100% artisan process.

Behind the Ancestral spring salt there is a family of salt masters who have been producing pure spring salt for generations in a totally artisanal way, without chemical processes or machines, with their expert hands and their good know-how. The knowledge and know-how that have been transmitted generation after generation are those that with the help of nature allow us to mold salt.

For all these reasons, Ancestral spring salt is a unique product in the world, a phenomenon of nature.


The earth is where our history begins, who has preserved for us this phenomenon of nature. Thanks to the sea that covered the Iberian Peninsula in prehistoric times, specifically in the Upper Triassic, and its subsequent drying, saline sediments were deposited deep underground, preserving the purity and composition typical of that time. For this reason our salt is free from any contamination.

Water is the carrier of this phenomenon of nature. On its journey underground, spring water erodes saline deposits until it rises to the surface as a salty spring. It can be established that the Mediterranean Sea contains 37 to 39 grams of salt per liter of water. Our spring offers us a great saline concentration, even reaching 280 grams of salt per liter of water.

The sun is our main ally, who puts this natural phenomenon within our reach. Thanks to the sun, the water evaporates and gives way to salt. Depending on its intensity, we obtain one type of salt or another since the temperature determines the speed of the drying and crystallization process of the salt. The fact that we need the sun and its heat make our product a rare and seasonal good. The salina is only open during the summer months.

The wind is our chisel. It helps us to mold the salt crystals, giving shape to the different Ancestral spring salts. Depending on your direction, how hard you blow and how long your streaks last, we will get one type of salt or another. The fact that the salt mine is located in a small valley helps to channel the wind and thus be able to obtain a high quality and tremendously special product.


Free of microplastics and nitrites

Thanks to two key factors, our salt is completely free from any type of contamination: the strategic location of our spring (700m above sea level and away from any industry or polluting source) and the origin of the saline deposits, (formed 220 million years ago).

Free of processed

Our method of work and extraction dates back to Roman times. We have continued his legacy, preserving and respecting it from generation to generation. We continue using the same technique, the work of man, and both the knowledge acquired and the action of nature are what allow us to obtain such a special salt.

Free of added substances

In order to maintain the essence and purity of our salt, we do not use any added process or technique to improve the final product. We do not add anti-caking agents, nor do we use any dye or bleaching process. Nor do we need to wash it to remove possible pollutants. Our salt reaches the consumer's hands as nature offers it to us.

Pure and rich in trace elements

Due to the time when the deposits that feed our spring were formed (Upper Triassic) and that the final product has not undergone any washing or alteration, our salt is especially rich in more than 84 minerals. Some of the minerals that can be found in higher concentration in Ancestral spring salt are potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium or manganese, among others.

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    Flower of Spring Salt - 1500 gr For its packaging we use a bag adapted to the hospitality industry.

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    Liquid salt - 150 ml We present our liquid salt in a glass container with a diffuser. The glass keeps the content in perfect condition and the diffuser allows an optimal application of the product in food.

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    inf € por Emvase 150 ml
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    Spring Salt Flower Flakes- 150 gr Our most precious product. Inside the cardboard box, the spring flower salt flakes are packaged in a glass jar, so that they remain intact and are kept in optimal condition. The packaging allows you to add the salt flakes to food directly with your fingers. In addition, we avoid contact of the product with plastics.

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    inf € por Caja de 150 gr
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    Spring Salt Stones - Mill 90 gr Due to its hardness and size, we present our coarse salt crystals in a glass grinder. It is the perfect way to add just the right amount of salt to our food.

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    inf € por Molinillo 90 gr
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  • 4,28 € In Stock

    Spring Salt Stones with Pepper - Grinder 90 gr It is the combination of our coarse salt crystals mixed with multicolored peppercorns of Spanish origin that combines four types of pepper: black, white, pink and green.

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    inf € por Molinillo 90 gr
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    Traditional Spring Salt - 300gr For packaging, in addition to the cardboard box, we use a transparent bag that protects the product. It is composed of a very novel material, made with potato starch, compostable and biodegradable.

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    inf € por Caja de 300 gr
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