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Olivapalacios, S.L. is a family business dedicated to the production and packaging of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Our olive groves and oil mill are located in the Campo de Calatrava region, in Almagro, in the province of Ciudad Real, Spain, considered an area of ​​olive oil production since time immemorial, on lands of volcanic origin very rich in nutrients and with exceptional climate for olive growing.

The two varieties of olives, Picual and Arbequina, are grown and collected in our olive grove of almost 300 hectares, and processed in our oil mill.

Since 2009 we innovate with the highest technology, sustainable and respectful with the environment in every part of the production process. And we make a practically artisan EVOO from the care of the olive grove and the olives to the packaging of the resulting liquid gold, so healthy in the Mediterranean diet.

Our olive grove and oil mill

OlivaPalacios is synonymous with our own production in our conventionally grown olive groves, sustainable and respectful with the environment, and of natural production of EVOO through anti-oxidative mechanical processes and cold extraction in our oil mill.

Awards obtained

We have positioned our company Olivapalacios and we have consolidated our Palacio de los Olivos EVOO as a benchmark in the international olive oil sector.

Nº1 in the EVOO World Ranking, in Picual variety: Campaigns 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20.
Food of Spain Award for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils Fruity Sweet 2020 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Olive varieties

We plant two varieties: Picual and Arbequina.


Picual is a native variety of the Andalusia region.
They are olives of medium size and weight, with a medium-high pulp / stone ratio. They have a short peduncle.
The name "picual" is due to the olive's peak shape.
The best known synonyms are Jabata, Marteño, Lopereño, Morcona and Nevadillo Blanco, among others.


Arbequina is from Catalonia.
The size of its fruit is the smallest of the varieties grown in Spain.
The name "arbequina" comes from the town where it was first planted in Spain in the seventeenth century, Arbeca, which is why it is also known as Arbequí and Arbequín, and in other places as Oliva de Arbela or Borjas Blancas .
Thanks to the excellent and unique soil and climate conditions of our Calatrava field, and thanks to the extraordinary work we do in the care and attention of our olive grove, both varieties develop in a magnificent, unique and singular way.

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