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    Sherry Wine

  • Montilla-Moriles

    The name of Montilla, as agglutinator and representative of a region producing singular wines, was imposed from the mid-nineteenth century.

    The full name, as it is today, began to sound from 1891, on the occasion of the Madrid Agreement, revised in Washington in 1911 and ratified in The Hague in 1925. But, it is the Statute of Vine and Wine of 1932 the one that legally protects the names of these two localities so that they can be used exclusively by the processors and breeders of the villages located in their area of production and breeding.

    The Civil War and some bureaucratic problems delayed the founding of the Regulatory Council, which did not become effective until December 1944, and its Regulations were approved in October 1945.

    Montilla Moriles

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    Our Selection of Wines, those that accompany us for years for their quality, regardless of whether they are white or red, each wine has its occasion.

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    Different Drinks

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  • 25,80 € In Stock

    Finca Sobreño Ildefonso, D.O. Toro. Year: 2016 | Content: 75cl All subtlety. A great wine, very elegant, complex and full of nuances. Maintains pleasant black fruits, which combines the perception with roasted and minerals.90 Points Parker and 90 Points Peñin

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  • 15,50 € In Stock

    Els Pics is a wine produced by Bodegas Mas Alta in the Priorato, characteristic of the area with the good work of the winery and a price-quality ratio that make it a very interesting product. Els Pics is elegant, intense cherry color and despite having 15º the sensation of alcohol disappears in the glass, and in the mouth it shows power and elegance, a...

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  • 99,00 € In Stock

    Finca Sobreño Special Selection  Content: 75cl A great sir Powerful and very elegant. A wine with a lot of body and silky at the same time, which combines black fruit with roasted, chocolates and licorice. Master Sommelier Andreas Larsson awards 93 points to Finca Sobreño Selección Especial and 90 points to Finca Sobreño Crianza 2015.

    99,00 €
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  • 110,00 € In Stock

    Finca Sobreño EcológicoSoft, deep, elegant. A very balanced acidity. Intense color.

    110,00 €
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  • 36,40 € Out of stock

    Gómez Cruzado Pancrudo Terroir Selection Collection 100% Garnacha of old vineyards cultivated in glass in Badarán (high Najerilla). A fine, elegant wine with a flavor of its land. 2019

    36,40 €
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  • 49,00 €

    3 de Olano Crianza  Rioja Single variety, old vineyard Tempranillo. Its long low-temperature fermentation and aging in French oak for 12 months give us a wine that is extraordinary cherry-coloured, very fruity and intense on the palate.An explosive Crianza.

    49,00 €
    8,17 € por Botella
  • 82,50 € In Stock

    Selection 3 by Olano 100% Tempranillo from vineyard over 40 years old. Made with selected grapes of small grain and the high parts of the vineyards. With a barrel aging of 9 to 11 months, it is an intense wine in color and aromas, velvety and elegant in the mouth after resting for 15 months in the bottle.A stately wine.

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  • 33,50 € In Stock

    Selected VintageOlanum Made with grapes from the oldest vineyard in the family: "Poyoto, with grapes harvested and selected by hand by the owners of the winery, a vigorous, elegant wine with production limited to 1,500 bottles.A different but exquisite wine. "

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  • 67,50 € In Stock

    El Fino Eléctrico Solera 5 Años is a classic wine that has been part of the life of the Andalusians since 1922. Fino Eléctrico Solera 5 Años 750 ml bottle

    67,50 €
    11,25 € por Botella
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  • 129,00 € In Stock

    El Eléctrico Bombilla is a classic wine that has been part of the life of the Andalusians since 1922. Fine in Rama 750 ml bulb

    129,00 €
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  • 87,00 € In Stock

    El Fino  del Lagar  en Rama is a classic wine that has been part of the life of the Andalusians since 1922. Fine in Rama 500 ml bottle

    87,00 €
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  • 117,00 € In Stock

    Don PX Joven 2019 Specialty of the Toro Albalá, obtained 100% of Pedro Ximénez Grape. Obtained from raisined grapes in the sun. Amber color reminiscent of honey. Sweet on the palate with a fresh touch of citrus. 0.75 cl

    117,00 €
    19,49 € por Botella
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Showing 1 - 12 of 66 items