• Sherry Wine

    Sherry Wine

  • Montilla-Moriles

    The name of Montilla, as agglutinator and representative of a region producing singular wines, was imposed from the mid-nineteenth century.

    The full name, as it is today, began to sound from 1891, on the occasion of the Madrid Agreement, revised in Washington in 1911 and ratified in The Hague in 1925. But, it is the Statute of Vine and Wine of 1932 the one that legally protects the names of these two localities so that they can be used exclusively by the processors and breeders of the villages located in their area of production and breeding.

    The Civil War and some bureaucratic problems delayed the founding of the Regulatory Council, which did not become effective until December 1944, and its Regulations were approved in October 1945.

    Montilla Moriles

  • Our Selection of Wines

    Our Selection of Wines, those that accompany us for years for their quality, regardless of whether they are white or red, each wine has its occasion.

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