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Pintarré-Campo Antaño

An olive mill that began its journey in 1975 and strongly linked to the highest quality and recovery of work as in the past, closely linked to organic farming.

Pintarré-Campo Antaño

In 1975 Luis Lorite Martínez acquired an olive farm in the area called Pintarré belonging to the municipality of Torres (Jaén), located in the foothills of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, where 1,000 mountain olive trees were housed, on land with slopes above 10% and in a frank state of neglect, with a poor harvest. The stream of Arroyo Frío divides the farm, and the irrigation channel of the Charcones threads between the olive trees.

In the following years we worked on recovery, mainly contributing a large amount of fertile land and manure to "cover" the soil that was then unprotected. It was since 1979 when a large number of new trees and shrubs began to be planted that now protect, complement and adorn the contour of the farm.

My passion for Nature, influenced by the program "The Man and the Earth" by Dr. Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, has always led me to the study and protection of animals and plants; I have been a member of Seo / Birdlife since 1989 and a scientific bird bander since 1994. This had an impact on our olive grove in a conscious way directed towards a natural balance between the olive trees and the rest of the living beings that inhabit it.

With the support of my father, in 2010 we began to cultivate solely and exclusively in an ecological way and in coexistence with sheep, being certified by the CAAE, AB and Bio Siegel in 2014 as organic olive groves.

After all these years we can say that we have reached a total balance of the soil with the contribution of organic matter from sheep excrement and shredded pruning remains, as well as a practically total absence of pests due to the scarce human interference that they are practiced in olive groves. Harvests are not short or abundant, but every year they are constant and of exceptional quality.

In addition, in 2010 we also began a new journey with organic beekeeping on the farm, already having four beekeeping settlements in different parts of Sierra Mágina to be able to provide honey, pollen and propolis to our clients.

Among our future projects are to belong to the seal "Olivares Vivos" of Seo / Birdlife, of which we were model to follow, the seal Demeter of biodynamic agriculture and other ecological certifications at European and international level.

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