Red Wine

Red Wine

Red wine selected by us of a high quality, as with oils, a walk through our geography where little by little we are choosing those wines that seduce us from the first drink and that are different. The family will increase little by little.


  • Bierzo

    The Regulatory Council was born from the initiative of the winemakers and winemakers of Bierzo. After centuries of history in the cultivation of the vine there came a time when the economic importance of the sector and the need for its regulation made it essential the presence of an institution that promotes the quality and marketing of Bercianos wines.

    On November 11, 1989, the Bierzo Designation of Origin was recognized and the Regulation of the Bierzo Designation of Origin and its Regulatory Council was approved, published in the B.O.E. on December 12, 1989.

    C. R Denominación de Origen Bierzo

  • Priorat

    The Priorat Qualified Denomination of Origin is a small mountainous region located in the province of Tarragona.

    The Wine Statute promulgated in 1932 by the Ministry of Agriculture already recognized the Priorat as a wine-growing zone to be protected.

    The Ministry of Agriculture, once made the appropriate checks, approved the regulatory regulation of the Qualified Denomination of Origin Priorat on December 18, 2000.

    Doq Priorat

  • Sierra de Gredos

    PDO Wines of the Sierra de Gredos
    The Association of Wines of Cebreros and Garnacha de Gredos has been working for more than a year on the creation of the Wine of Denomination of Origin Wines of the Sierra de Gredos.

    This association was established with the aim of defending and spreading the enormous potential of the garcnacha around the Sierra de Gredos.

    The wine region of the Sierra de Gredos has a unique identity in which three denominations of origin are recognized: Méntrida (Toledo), Vinos de Madrid, and Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León (Ávila).

    With the aim of obtaining an own Denomination of Origin, the association of Vinos de Cebreros has promoted the creation of a brand of own guarantee "Garnachas de Gredos", which is an essential step to achieve the Denomination of Origin Vinos de la Sierra de Gredos. The guarantee mark "Garnachas de Gredos" is expected to be ready throughout 2016.

    The future D.O.P. Wines of the Sierra de Gredos is comprised of approximately 3,500 hectares of vineyards. a vineyard with its own characteristics contributed by the geographical characteristics of the Sierra de Gredos, such as its height and the granitic composition of its soil.

    The Sierra de Gredos allows the production of fresh and delicate wines, which is impossible in

    other countries with a warmer climate.

  • Jumilla

    Protected Designation of Origin Jumilla.

    It comprises some 19,000 hectares of vineyards distributed between the provinces of Murcia and Albacete.
    Jumilla will become one of the oldest Designations of Origin in Spain, with regulations since 1966. Since the early twentieth century works the Enological Station (today Regional Agricultural Laboratory and Experimental Winery) that currently collaborates with the Regulatory Council.

    Vinos de Jumilla

  • Arribes del Duero

    In 1988, the first contacts were made with the Administration to obtain the Denomination of Origin. It would be necessary to wait ten years, until September 24, 1998, for it to be granted the qualification "Vino de la Tierra de Arribes del Duero". This Association, after years of effort, thus unified two zones of winemaking tradition located between Zamora and Salamanca, and linked geographically by the fluvial route of the magnanimous Douro. On July 27, 2007, the Arribes Designation of Origin was obtained.

    Denominación Origen Arribes

  • Rioja

    Rioja wines are covered by the oldest Designation of Origin in Spain. When the modern Rioja was born at the end of the 19th century and the name of a product linked to its origin was given its own identity, there arose the concern of Rioja growers and processors to protect this identity of the "usurpers and counterfeiters", a concern that culminates with the official recognition on June 6, 1925 of the Rioja Designation of Origin.
    Since 1991, Rioja wines are covered by the first Qualified DO of Spain. Its Specification of Conditions establishes the demarcation of the production area, the grape varieties that can be cultivated, the maximum allowed yields, the techniques of elaboration and aging, etc. The Regulatory Council is the public entity responsible for promoting and controlling the quality of the wines covered, promoting its image and defending the interests of the sector, whose representatives make up the Council's management body.

    Today Rioja is one of the Denominations of Origin in the world that offers greater guarantees regarding the quality and authenticity of its wines, and one of the few that bottling at source requires for all its production. Undoubtedly, the effective application by the Regulatory Council of a regulation of self-control much more rigorous than that of other wine regions has been able to transmit confidence and confidence to consumers and has been decisive to achieve the leadership position that the wines of Rioja occupy in the market.

    Denominación de Origen Rioja

  • Ribera del Duero

    The Denomination of Origin, as we know it today, emerges after the initiative of a series of winemakers and winemakers concerned about boosting the vineyards and the quality of the Ribera del Duero wines.

    The first Act that is recorded in the books of the Regulatory Council dates from July 23, 1980, the date on which this Organism acted provisionally.

    Two years later, on July 21, 1982, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food granted the Ribera del Duero the Denomination of Origin and approved its first Regulation.

    Since then, the implementation of new cultivation practices, the introduction of the most modern technologies for winemaking and the rigorous control processes applied by the Regulatory Council have made the Ribera del Duero a synonym for quality.

    Denominación de Origen Rivera del Duero

  • Toro

    Toro wines have a great tradition. Its origins predate the settlement of the Romans.

    In the 70s of the 20th century, the first steps were taken to create what, with the passage of time, would become the Toro Denomination of Origin, whose culmination came in 1987.

    At present, the Toro Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board endorses the quality of 60 wineries.

    Denominación de Origen Toro

  • Vinos de Madrid

    Madrid has a Denomination of Origin, being the only capital in the world that gives its name to one, since 1990.

    Vinos de Madrid

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  • 23,70 € In Stock

    Finca Sobreño Ildefonso, D.O. Toro.  Year: 2014 | Content: 75cl All subtlety. A great wine, very elegant, complex and full of nuances. Maintains pleasant black fruits, which combines the perception with roasted and minerals.90 Points Parker and 90 Points Peñin

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  • 140,00 € In Stock

    Finca Sobreño Ildefonso, D.O. Toro. Year: 2014 | Content: 75cl All subtlety. A great wine, very elegant, complex and full of nuances. Maintains pleasant black fruits, which combines the perception with roasted and minerals.90 Points Parker and 90 Points Peñin

    140,00 €
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  • 14,75 € In Stock

    The Repiso 2013 is a fresh wine, solidly structured, balanced, with a marked red and black fruit in season accompanied by balsamic, cocoa, mineral notes and a more elegant and present wood. A wine with an extraordinary potential of guard.

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  • 13,75 € In Stock

    La Casa de Monroy - Viñas Viejas - is a red breeding from 100% of Garnachas over 60 years. Balanced, fresh and with excellent fruit.

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  • 9,50 € In Stock

    Appearance clean and bright, with a pale hue (skin of onion). A ripe and greedy nose, with nuances of tropical fruits (grapefruit, passion fruit and orange peel). In step by mouth, it is kind with a voluminous character, thus leaving us a long and very cool after taste.

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  • 39,00 € In Stock

    Albiker has a clean and bright appearance, with intense cherry red color in the heart, and covered in violet tones that denote his youth. It is an expressive wine, with elegant fruity aromas (strawberry, raspberry, banana) and a harmonious floral touch. On the palate it is tasty, well balanced, with an excellent body, a pleasant palate and a prolonged...

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  • 9,50 € In Stock

    Cherry color, clean and bright. Shades with elegant aromas of ripe fruit, mixed with the aroma of well-assembled wood. The palate is a balanced wine, with body, round tannins, and persistent.

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  • 13,75 € In Stock

    Altún Reserva View: Garnet red cherry color with ruby tones, well covered. Nose: Expressive, with good intensity. Toasted and spicy notes of tobacco and black pepper. Wood completely assembled. Mouth: Broad, with power and elegance. Well integrated noble woods. Long and structured finish. Complex.

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    Altún Secret It is an author's wine, whose grape (100% tempranillo) comes from its own vineyards that are around 60 years old. Located in the hamlets of Baños de Ebro, Laguardia, Elciego and San Vicente, (Rioja Alavesa), these vineyards have been selected among the best according to the characteristics of each vintage.

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  • 108,00 € In Stock

    Everest is the top quality wine of Bodegas Altún. It was followed by an author's wine, the grape comes from own vineyards with more tan 80 years old and a production less tan 2.500 kg hectárea. Box of 2 Bottles

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  • 13,95 € In Stock

    Venta Las Vacas is the project started in 2009 by the oenologist Juan Carlos Vizcarra, who uses Tinta del Pais de Ribera del Duero to make this monovarietal. Displays a powerful aromatic fan, with hints of candied fruit and earthy touches and a powerful pass through the mouth.

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  • 14,30 € In Stock

    Els Pics is a wine produced by Bodegas Mas Alta in the Priorato, characteristic of the area with the good work of the winery and a price-quality ratio that make it a very interesting product. Els Pics is elegant, intense cherry color and despite having 15º the sensation of alcohol disappears in the glass, and in the mouth it shows power and elegance, a...

    14,30 €
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