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Toro Albalá, winery of Montilla Moriles specialized in fines, electric, great Pedro Ximénez and just great vinegars.

Bodegas Toro Albalá was born in the heart of the Cordovan countryside in 1922. It is the story of a small farmer, José María Toro Albalá, who had the great idea of ​​keeping old wines for the creation of enological jewels for the most demanding palates. . A philosophy that knew how to implant in family values ​​and that are still preserved. Considered a feat taking into account the situation of the time. But, what has been worth so that the Toro Albalá are in the best tables of the entire planet.

Fine wines were the most consumed in the thirties by an Andalusian population that went to the taverns of the neighborhoods and that mostly was dedicated to the work of the primary sector. The stage of the winery was an old power station in the area, which gave play to the jokes of the Andalusians who called the wine was electricity or was electric, hence the famous name to the fine "Electric" that still retains our days.

A generational change in the 60's by the oenologist Antonio Sánchez makes the brand take on its own personality. From then on, it is committed to recover the aging treasures and traditions in the world of wine. The nephew of the founder would bring the new airs of his training in European schools and the illusion of a project of which he has been a participant since he was six years old.

The legacy of this winemaker, inseparable from his glasses, is not only the creation of oenological jewels with his own style but a way to understand the wine culture, surrounded by literary works, archeology or painting. All this, without forgetting the incessant aroma left by the barrels of amontillado that accompany them. It knows how to maintain the quality of always and the classic flavor. His specialty is the very sharp amontillados and the Don P.X insurmountable.

The awards obtained in the Bodegas Toro Albalá suppose a recognition to his constancy in the trade of viticulture. Patience gives some sweet fruits, something that Antonio Sánchez knows well dedicated to this job throughout his life. This winemaker breeds the P.X. as if it were his descendants. He has made them grow in the best conditions so that they had enough personality when they left the cellars, and to be present at the best tables. A work of many years and we can say generations.

With Don P.X. Convento Selección 1946 was stated by the wine guru "Robert Parker" who soon qualified him with 100 points in his Wine Advocate magazine. From here we can say that we had a before and after in the Toro Albalá brand, as it was the first time that a sweet wine entered the Olympus of wines. Incalculable value in international and national markets that appreciate a wine of incalculable value. Raised with the best of care since 1946 and today comes to our tables with the flavor of time.

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