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Family project that was born in 1981 with three generations behind. It unites tradition with modern manufacturing processes. A very special Rioja wine.

Bodegas Viña Berneda was born from a family project in 1981 in Uruñuela, thanks to the effort and dedication of three generations with a long winemaking tradition. It is in 1991 when we labeled our first bottle "Viña Berneda", fruit of the passion of our founder Jesús Amor Artacho and his wine contains the essence of what our wines are today: tradition, craftsmanship, illusion and work.
Our production methods for our young wines are based on tradition. We elaborate young wines (*) carbonic maceration, in open lakes keeping the laborious step of the grape to extract the must, technique used since ancient generations, since it is how the classic wines of Rioja are obtained that are characterized by their unmistakable fresh taste and fruity
(*) Carbonic maceration is a traditional red wine making technique in which the whole uncracked grape undergoes an intracellular fermentation. It is used to obtain soft and aromatic young wines.
Our main objective is quality and for this we use traditional methods combined with modern technology.
A few years ago we started with the aging of our wines; wines made with the best selection of grapes. The subsequent monitoring and care of the wine, together with the permanence during one year in American oak barrels will do the rest, obtaining wines with personality and uniqueness that are distinguished by their flavor and aroma.
 Today we are proud of what we have achieved, since we can offer a wide range of wines with grapes of our own production.
The wines of VIÑA BERNEDA show the vitivinicultural tradition together with the artisan elaboration. This union brings to these wines differentiation and uniqueness.
The range of BERNEDA wines surprises with its personality. They are wines made with the largest selection of grapes and with all the pampering and care they need to obtain special wines

The process from which the first yolk of the grape vine begins to sprout (the cycle of the vine and its care), until the bottle rests in the bottle thus continuing its process of elaboration entails a great work and effort. Viña Berneda has the privilege and responsibility to carry out all the monitoring, from the beginning to the end, knowing at all times that the quality of the wines depends on these care.
In Viña Berneda we feel fortunate to live in La Rioja, for the fruit it gives us and for all that it transmits to us. We invite you to get to know it and enjoy everything it can offer you (Enoturismo).


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