Olive variety
Olive variety

We work with different providers and some native olives with hardly findable in other products.


  • Canetera


  • Llumet


  • Farga


  • Picual


  • Changlot Real

    Changlot Real

  • Arbequina


  • Alfafarenca


  • Blanqueta


  • Genovesa


  • Hojiblanca


  • Picuda


  • Arroniz


  • Empeltre


  • Koroneiki


  • Arbosana


  • Cornicabra

    Its oil is one of the best in terms of organoleptic characteristics, with notes of tomato, leaf, ivy and alloza. High stability thanks to its high content of polyphenols, and high content of oleic acid. Ideal as base of coupages. Local use for dressing

  • Cobrançosa

    Variety of the North and center of Portugal, by proximity is good in Extremadura. This variety is the most recommended for Galicia and northern areas in general.

  • Manzanilla Cacereña

    Province of Cáceres mainly, also is in Badajoz, Salamanca, Avila and Madrid. In total some 64,000 hectares in Spain.

    AOVE deep green, bitter and spicy and very fruity, very aromatic variety: apple, herb, ripe banana, etc. Medium stability but high oleic content. Sometimes it is marketed unfiltered, giving more fruit but worse conservation. It can be considered one of the best oils in Spain. In table consumption it is also one of the best varieties, both in green changing Campo Real type and in black.

    Synonym: Albareña, Alvellanilla, Cacereña, Costalera, Morillo, Expert, Turiel.

  • Pajarera

    Olive originating in the town of Priego de Córdoba, a variety of weevils due to the shape of the fruit, receiving the name of aviary for being its sweetest fruit and attracting birds when ripe, also known as Carrasqueña de Córdoba.

  • Tosca

    The Tosca variety, from Italy, is planted in a hedge with a high production. A dense, full-bodied, yellowish-green oil is obtained.

  • Royal

    It is an autochthonous variety of the province of Jaén, although it limits its cultivation to the area of the Northern Sierras of the province. It offers oils that contrast with those produced by the majority variety in the province, the picual. These are sweet oils, although very fruity, in which fig notes predominate.

  • Acebuchina

    Acebuche, beyond extra virgin olive oil

    The wild olive produces small olives, the acebuchinas, the amount of extracted oil being more concentrated and scarce than in the traditional olives. In addition, its collection is sustainable, without automated processes.

  • Zorzal de los Arribes

    Zorzal de los Arribes

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