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From "De Olivar en Olivar" we will gradually introduce new high quality vinegars as well as new seasonings such as Arropes from Bodegas Toro Albalá and Agraz-Verjus from Bodegas Robles developed by Paco Morales.

Sherry vinegar is also a highly sought after product for lovers of those healthy salads with a gourmet touch to give it that different taste and give quality to a dish that might seem simple. Rest assured that here we have the best vinegar to give as a gift that you are looking for. We also have in our catalog an extensive list of the best balsamic vinegars on the market. Search and find yours.

Manantial salts, with the advantage they have over common salt.

Cheese creams and cheeses with truffle.


  • Salt

    We have the great pleasure from "De Olivar en Olivar" to present the best sales of the market, Sal Ancestral, located in the province of Soria, a spring that for hundreds of years has produced one of the best salts worldwide. 

  • Vinegars

    In"De Olivar en Olivar" has the maxim of taking care of the selection of the best products for our clients, we believe that with this selection they will be satisfied, it is a pride to represent brands of a product as Spanish as the sherry vinegar or the Montilla wines -Moriles, a selection of essential dressings for our meals. " De Olivar Olivar " we try to bring the best selection of products we can bring to out customers. We belive we have done it right and you will be satisfied with our selection. We are really proud to offer you this selection of Sherry Vinegar.

  • Arrope

    Different Products

  • Honey


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Showing 1 - 12 of 37 items